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Program to track my internet connection?

OK I am far from a computer geek. what I do know is in the afternoon from 1 to 5pm my internet is hit or miss. I need some way to Track it so the cable idiots will believe me. I don't care if it costs$ I want some way to prove it goes down in the afternoon so the cable guys will get off there but and do something. :cry:

The Goose
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  1. <-- probably the free NetFlow analyzer is the one you want, but read what some of the other tools do.
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    its an awesome website (free, it tests ping, upload/download, it also records, time/date, and your IP address so you can prove you tested it at home) also, what ISP do you have that wont send a technician??
    I've called my ISP (Roger) and complain about speed and the next day I check and I'm getting double my package speeds!
  3. Here's a web-app that can monitor you internet connectivity over time:

    Checks connectivity every 10 seconds. If you log in, it can also upload the results and aggregate it to monthly reports.
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