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Hey guys, I’m looking for a good 15’ laptop to replace my 17’ that just died. I’ve got a few things I’m looking fore that are important:

1 Good customer service, this means no HP. I had nothing but trouble with the hp that I’m trying to replace.
2 I’d like to be able to run games like fear and far cry on it. It doesn’t have to be a power house, that’s why I have a desktop but being able to game a little on trips would be nice.
3 I’d like to keep it about 6.5 lbs and under $1,800

I’ve been looking at the Dell Vostro 1500, and it looks like it has all the stuff that I want but I’ve heard it’s really heavy. Anyone have any better ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Most of them in your range will be heavy. Light costs money.

    For light go with the IBM T61 or Apple PowerBook , bu for inexpensive performance, the DELL is a good reference point, especially when using discount coupons.
  2. VOSTRO 1500 is very good , (Both price and performance)
  3. Toshiba, i have an A100 998 that has good rounded performace concidering mines a year old now can play games (CS:S, HL2 plus steam games and mods) 2gb ram and lot of hdd space, Centrino Duo, good alround prolly get one cheap now or better performance for the same price i paid a year ago
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