DVI mode 60 Hz enough?


I am using a LG 1920P as external monitor for my Powerbook. When using the DVI connection, I only can use 60 Hz as vertical frequency. Is this frequency enough compared to at least 75 Hz recommended for CRT monitors?
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  1. 60 Hz is standard for an LCD, and should be just fine for you. IIRC, the only reason CRT's needed higher refresh rates was to prevent flickering and eye strain; LCD's don't have those problems.
  2. Someone told me recently that a monitor limited to 60Hz could only display up to 60 FPS with v-sych turned on. Is this true?
  3. yes

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  4. I wonder though. I think you might actually register 120 fps if your card could put that out. Your monitor would be throwing away every second frame though.

    I'm not sure if it actually would register like that, but that's what would really happen.

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  5. Well I don't know about this limitation. I use a Hyundai L90D+ which runs at 60hz and in 3dMark2004 I averaged 66 FPS across all tests so what does that mean. Obviously that I had to get over 60 FPS sometimes.
  6. It means your vsync isn't on ;)

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  7. aaah, so that's it!
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