My computer doesnt recognize my password

My computor was in sleep mode. A kid pressed the button on top and it shut down. When started the welcome screen came up but will not accept password ? I'am LOST ! Can you help? Thank you
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  1. Make sure the "CapsLock" key is not on. Not trying to insult your intelligence or anything; it happens to us all.
  2. 98% chance you are just typing it in wrong... If you are still having problems after you ensure that you are typing it in correctly, post back.
  3. On the off chance you aren't trying to trick us for help in hacking a computer login, you might want to try a different keyboard. In case the shut down somehow fried the one that was plugged in. I'd also try the other ideas as they are good.
  4. You already posted this question about 4 pages ago and we already responded with the exact same solutions.
  5. Hmm tricky... there is software out there that you can obtain for free (legally) that can boot from CD and reveal your password...

    The trouble is... are you the genuine owner ??
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