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how do you reset the samsung sch-u350
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  1. to do a soft reset on the samsung a soft reset is simply have the phone on power it down remove the battery and wait 30 sec and turnit on it is important that you do this periodically to insure that you are connected to the latest network new towers ect. if you are still having issues a hard reset could solve the issue too. a hard reset is when you have the phone on and you remove the back while it is on and pull the battery and leave it out for 1min i worked for att for 6months in their tech support and verizon for a year if you still have issues they have to fix it in there system networkinterface if they cant fixit they will say to go to a store or online and purchase dont purchase unless you are upgrade eligible if you are not go to ebay and get a cheap phone to hold you over till upgrade other wise your going to pay 3x what you will pay for the same phone on upgrade

    hope this answers all you questions and
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