I am trying to install WordPrefect on my new Windows 7 PC from HP and I keep getting the message that
CTL3D32.DLL is not installed correctly and must be installed correctly in the Windows system directory if WordPerfect is to work properly.

How do I do this?

Many thanks.
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  1. Try this...

    Download here:

    & put the file in your C:windows/system32
  2. Click where its under: Free download - then there is a DOWNLOAD button. Right bottom side on the page. Then DOWNLOAD again on the next page.

    Free Download

    * Manual download and installation of CTL3D32.DLL
    * Software needed: Unzip software
    * Computer skill needed: Advanced

  3. What version of WordPerfect are you trying to install? It might be trying to install an older, non-compatible version over what already exists.

    I know that WordPerfect X4 works under Vista. I'm assuming you're installing something older than that.

    You might have to either upgrade or else, if your CPU can handle it, install the program under XP Mode.
  4. I'm trying to install the latest version of WordPerfect (Office X4) on a brand new HP Windows 7 computer.
    It's working, but I keep getting the missing CTL3D32.DLL message.
    and every time i try to save a WP document to my hard drive, WP ceases to operate.
    i can save documents to a zip drive . . . no problem. but the error message and inability to save to the hard drive are irksome.
  5. sarsoft said:
    Try this...

    Download here:

    & put the file in your C:windows/system32

    Hi sarsoft,

    I tried your method and downloaded the dll file from that website you provided. I still have the same error message pop up with the following:


    This application uses CTL3D32.DLL, which has not been correctly installed. CTL3D32.DLL must be installed in the Windows system directory."

    This issue has been occurring whenever I've tried repairing the install or starting a fresh install of WordPerfect Office 12 on Windows 7 desktop.

    Any suggestions?

    Would I have to reinstall Windows 7?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
  6. I'm sorry to add onto this, but this problem became worse.

    The problem started when my employer discovered that he no longer could use the "advanced" [search function] using WordPerfect Office 12. For some reason whatever he typed into the text box, the folder would come up empty with no search results [even though he knew the files should be there]. I think this has to do with Windows 7 compatibility issues. (Please verify that for me, thank you.)

    With a technician remotely connected to the computer, trying to uninstall/reinstall WordPerfect Office 12 onto Windows 7, the same "CTL3D32.DLL" error message came up. The technician figured that "indexing" the folder and leaving it to complete it would help with the search problem.

    Next day, I check out the computer and realize that the said folder is missing from the "My Documents" folder. It was there last night. The technician has no idea. I think this has to do with the "indexing".

    Any suggestions or thoughts as to what happened and how to recover the lost folder and files within?

    Thank you.
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