Windows 7 wont boot constant BSOD

so this is quite the long explanation. Today i upgraded to an i7 3770k with a asus P8Z77-VLK and a corsair H60 water block. I did not change to touch any other part of my computer. When I went to go boot BIOS posts but then as the windows 7 loading animation starts then about 2 seconds in i get an instant BSOD too fast to read and it restarts. I have tried startup repair, I have tried the windows repair disc, I tried the windows install DVD, I tried system restore(which failed error code 0x800700b7), I ran the memory diagnostic(no problems), I even went into the command prompt and did chkdsk. None of the three windows self repair tools were able to fix the problem. Nothing has worked anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Why not try reinstalling Windows from scratch? Changing CPUs can cause Windows to fail on occasion.
  2. yea i figured that is what I had to do just wanted to check to see if anyone had a solution.
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