will these two laptop run swat 4 or hl2?



my main concern is the graphics card. I heard that the GMA x3100 is better than the ATI mobility x1100 however is it possible that the ATI card was designed to be made more for gaming

I know that swat 4 doesn't require a lot and as long as I can play it, I'll be fine.
There are many arguments on wether the x3100 can handle swat 4 with fine fps, however I think that many who argue that swat 4 is playable or not say that from their knowledge and judgement of system requirements.

but I'm wondering if anyone acutally has the GMA x3100 or ATI x1100 and have tried to run these games? how did they work out?

It would help a lot, thanks.
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  1. sorry, heres the first link


    also, by playable, i mean that it can run both games at at least 30 fps on average\

    but if we're to compare just the specs and not the price, which is the better laptop?
  2. u have to low the resolution , then maybe u can , but dont expect too much
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