What does a sim card reader do

What does a sim card reader do?
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  1. Sim card reader is a small device that you can use to read the GSM SIM card on your cell phone. A sim card reader do lots of functions for the user like, it can save your backup data in the form of image and text. You can save number of contact details.
  2. Whether you’ve ever experienced the loss or theft of your cell phone before, you can appreciate the gravity of the situation. When you lose your cell phone, you not only lose the phone itself, but you also lose all of your contacts and text messages. Your digital phone book can easily be backed up, but only if you use a SIM card reader to do so.
  3. SIM card reader connects your SIM to computer and you can transfer your data to & from computer. Also sometimes you can connect your memory card if there is slot for Micro SD card in your card reader.
  4. Sim card reader can also restore deleted SMS messages and call logs, so nothing will be hidden from you. SIM card reader can actually see deleted messages. You can make a full SIM card backup, buy a clean SIM card if needed and load your stored backup data on it.
  5. Sim Card Reader = Reads contents of your Sim Card.

    It's very literal.
  6. Hi..A SIM card reader is a device that allows a person to access that information without having to insert the SIM card into a telephone.
    These devices come in a range of models and designs. They also have varying price tags. The available functions and manner of operations tend to vary depending on the device.
  7. Hello Spot_92. A memory card reader reds your memory card and shows all the file in your removable disk drive. It's works just like a USB but just with a memory card.
  8. A SIM reader does many of the things listed above, but you have to keep in mind that it won't do that unless you have special software that knows how to use the reader in order to "talk" to the card.

    One big problem with a lot of readers available on the Internet is that they come without software, or with software that looks like it was designed in the days of Windows 98. As you may have guessed, these programs don't work on modern operating systems, they don't support 3G cards, they rarely have an English interface, etc.

    Let me comment some of the things posted by others:
    - read deleted SMS, this is possible only if: the SMS was stored in the SIM card (not in the phone's own memory) and if it wasn't overwritten with other data. A reader that reliably reads such texts is Dekart SIM reader, here is a Youtube screencast that shows it in action:

    - manage FDN, fixed dialing numbers act as a white-list, one can dial only those numbers and nothing else. This is a good idea when you want to ensure your kids won't call anyone except the parents and grandma (-:

    - manage PLMN, these are a bunch of network identifiers that the phone will be allowed to connect to. The objective is to reduce roaming charges, by ensuring that the phone will not attempt to dial numbers via networks that are more expensive. This is a handy feature, though not a lot of people know how to use it.

    As I mentioned above, whether a feature is available or not, it depends on the software that tells the reader what to do. SIM Manager is the most mature program of its kind and is updated often, to support new types of SIM cards.

    Among other things, it can
    - wipe cards,
    - make batch copies,
    - sync contacts with online services,
    - import contacts from CSV files,
    - manage PIN codes...

    This is what a reader looks like
  9. Generally, The Sim card reader is required for GSM networks. It allows the user for multi purpose applications with a single account and also stores the contact information on the chip itself, Whenever phone get repaired. This allows you to store and transfer information from your phone to your computer if your phone does not offer that capability on its own.
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