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My Phone went dead today. Phones says "No phone line" I chat with a comcast tech. He tells me to unplug the phone from the jack in the Kitchen and plug it into the modem,it doesn't work he does things on his end gets it to work from the modem I thank him, stop the chat and then replug the phone into the kitchen jack "no phone line" comes back.
Chat again tech says," check the phone line plug into the modem"< i say there isn't any, she says thats the problem the house is not wired to the modem, if it were there would be a line entering into the modem, I say there never was one. She says there has to be, its impossible, almost accuses me of lying. Anyone know how I HAD phone service all this time without a noticable line hooked into the modem. Phone numbers came up on my TV and all. She says I need to wire my jacks to the Modem. Help?
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  1. If you are using Comcast for phone, the phone needs to be connected to their phone modem.

    If the jack you are using is a regular phone jack not wired to the phone modem, it won't work.

    There needs to be a phone line coming in to the jack in the phone modem unless you have a second one somewhere else in the house that your phone was connected to. The phone numbers coming on the TV will happen without a phone jack, the signal goes though the network cables, they are not reliant on the phone jack being plugged in.

    Wiring will look like Cable > Phone Modem > house phone (or wired to a jack but that is a lot harder than just plugging in the phone to the phone modem).
  2. Thanks there was another modem down the basement in the ceiling. It seems that comcast was doing some type of inventory and shut that modem down from there end not knowing it was functioning. They thought the phone was coming throgh the one modem.
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