Presario R3000 (Intel P4) Bios/Cmos question??

I'm having a problem with my Compaq Presario R3000 (Intel P4 model) notebook pc's BIOS settings. Seems like it loses the bios settings after maybe a week of computer use and then wants to load the setup defaults in order for WINXP Pro to boot properly. WINXP System clock settings revert to the year 1601 every time defaults are loaded. If I remove the laptop battery for any reason and then put it back in, it loses all bios settings I selected as well. It has the latest bios version (F.45) available. I thought maybe the CMOS battery needs to be replaced but I can find no reference to the R3000 having a replaceable CMOS battery in any of the COMPAQ support documents or parts listings. Opened up the laptop and couldn't find anything resembling a typical CMOS battery. I've googled for any references as well for a CMOS battery and have come up empty. Does anybody know if this is normal for the R3000 laptop to lose it's CMOS settings when you remove the laptop battery? Does it have a replaceable CMOS battery or is there a capacitor soldered to the board that's supposed to retain the settings? Any suggestions on what's causing the problem?
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  1. the only way to replace the bios is to take the cmos battery out and the problem is that the cmos battery i welded on the motherboard so you have to unwelded wait for a few minutes and then welded have to take the laptop apart completly ......i fyou cannot do this, i can do it for you for $60 dollars including shipping back to you, my email is ..........good luck
  2. I have yet another laptop Compaq Presario R3038CL that is quite old- has been not used for at least 3 years... getting odd behaviors-intermittently...
    thinking cmos battery.

    Why would they WELD a battery to the motherboard knowing it eventually must be replaced?
    Ultimate planned obsolescence-and yes this would make me question the next time i purchase a laptop. Manufacturers listen up- some people can and actually do maintain things - expect them to work longer than you'd like us to shell out big bucks for a new system that is flawed.
    Oh, is there any work around on this besides sending some unknown person your moth
  3. cont'd mother-board and giving him 60 bucks that you MAY once again see your motherboard in your laptop and it works for-- how long??
    at least until your next MS update??
    This is getting BAD!
  4. This laptop magically fixed itself ??? - for a while.

    I still feel it is a CMOS battery issue- currently will not boot up, hit F8 to get to advanced options- tried chkdsk /r - it hangs at 25% for hour(s).
    Tried hdd tests yesterday, got a FAIL 07 ...
    but then - magically! the laptop worked for about 8 hours AOK fine...
    went to restart it... back to nothin' honey cereal.
    Will not boot up.
    chkdsk / r hangs....

    what bugs me is IF it is the cmos battery, how can it be replaced or is there an alternative to welding?

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