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I plan on getting a Dell laptop sometime soon (most likely a Dell Inspiron 1420N - the only Ubuntu laptop Dell sells), but buying it with the cheapest ram option. Then I will buy 4GB (2x2GB) ram myself and install it myself (replacing the 1GB that comes with it). Can this be done easily? Will it be a pain to install that ram? I assume I should use 200-pin DDR2, is that correct? http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010260381+1052910525+1309121118&name=4GB+(2+x+2GB)

...this voids my warranty, correct? That shouldn't be a big deal I would think, unless you know of a common problem with Dell laptops?
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  1. Yes, it will most likely void the warranty. Every laptop has their own quirks so you'll just have to see. I'm not sure how the new laptops are marked, but the old ones had compartments that were labeled. You should just have to unscrew the cover for the compartment/ case, pop out the old RAM and put the new stuff in.

    According to Crucial's RAM matcher, you do need 200 pin DDR2 667 or 800. What CPU do you have? If it can handle the 800, you may actually get it cheaper than the 667.
  2. Glad to see someone who knows about this stuff. I was going to get it with the T7500 (its 2.2Ghz, 800mhz FSB). Dell sticks DDR2 667 memory in it.

    Inspiron 1420N: http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?c=us&cs=19&kc=6V440&l=en&oc=DNCWJL1&s=dhs

    In case of a laptop issue, would it be possible to just stick the stock ram back in before asking for support? Or is there a sticker or something which would get broken?
  3. I think the 667 is actually cheaper so I was wrong about that. I was used to desktop memory where the 800 is actually cheaper in some cases. Either way, you probably won't notice the difference between the two. Get what's cheaper.

    I don't remember if my brother's Inspiron had warranty stickers or not. I can certainly ask him and get back to you about it tomorrow. If there aren't, then there probably isn't anything stopping you from putting the original stuff in.
  4. Thanks for all the help. Did you find out anything about the warranty yet?
  5. No, I haven't been able to get a hold of him. I will be sure to post back as soon as I do.
  6. You wouldn't think a common upgrade would void the warrenty. What are you going to do with the ram you take out of it?
  7. Nothing, I'll just keep it.
  8. I just got a hold of him(last night). His system does NOT have any such stickers that would prevent the upgrade. It's doubtful, but Dell might have changed this since his is a few years old. It probably wouldn't be an issue.
  9. I can live without a warranty, the only thing hard to replace would be the motherboard.
  10. Hello, I noticed that you had a question about Dell's warranty on upgrading the ram. I first want to let you know that I am a Dell tech support agent and to what I was told and what I understood was that no, it wont void your warranty upgrading your ram (Dells website sells RAM that is not just the Dell brand). However, if there is a problem with the RAM, Dell cannot help you because it didn't come with the system and therefore was not included in the warranty, but this does not void the warranty on lets say other hardware or the OS. Also to note, if you are having a problem with the RAM you can always stick back in the Dell branded RAM that came with your system and troubleshoot to verify that it is a problem with the RAM or not. I hope that I understood you correctly, and I hope that this helps.
  11. Thank you. And yes, I had planned to stick in the old ram if an issue ever came up. So, opening up the laptop and replacing ram does not void the warranty?
  12. No, there are times that we will send out a FRU (field replacement unit) wich is replaced by a repair guy, also there are CRU (customer Replacement Unit) in which the customer will replacement. There are times that people are tech savvy and so they request a FRU to be CRU, such as the LCD screen or CPU/Motherboard which are typically always dend as a FRU unless the customer states that he wants to do it. And so no worries. You wont void your warranty by opening the case. Now if you were to open the casing of your HDD or such that will void the HDD warranty, but not the computer to upgrade hardware.
  13. Thanks a bunch. :)
  14. I spoke to a CSR, and his manager, from Dell yesterday. The CSR, after assisting me with my issue (faulty power bar), tried to sell me more RAM, after noticing that I only had 2 GB. I asked him as to what kind of RAM it was - took a while to get it out of him (PC2-6400 DDR2-800 CL5 200PIN SODIMM). I thanked him for the info and didn't buy it, as it was more pricey ($35 vs $25 on NCIX). Then, he asked me to speak to his manager. Besides asking about how the CSR did, the manager also said that I would be voiding the warranty by upgrading RAM myself. The only way not to void the warranty would be to get Dell-branded RAM and have it installed by a Dell technician. :O I should have asked more about it, as I thought that would be a user-serviceable part.
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