Software that allows me to play games from my desktop on my laptop/netbook?

About 5 months ago, while researching netbooks/laptops, I found an article and website that, through an internet connection, you can play games from your desktop with their graphics on your netbook/laptop.

Now, it uses internet connection, and I really wanna try this out.

Ring any bells to anyone?

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  1. There is a free software called stream my game
  2. I really can't imagine this being very feasible...your lag would be tremendous.
  3. No it is very much doable and a very good piece of software available
  4. Not really. As I suspected - the game itself is pretty laggy and has serious ghosting issues. This example is of Left 4 Dead, which is a pretty graphically-undemanding game. Then some pleasant ads pop up while gaming.

    In other words, it's doable, but for the gaming experience you get from it, I'd rather just head to a more powerful computer.
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