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I'm sick of crappy audio with bluetooth headsets and want to use my own high quality headset with a simple bluetooth receiver.

I'm looking for a device that you just plug your headphones and microphone jack into that will simply connect to my laptop or phones bluetooth and function as a wireless headset.

(would be nice but not essential)
presumably such a device could also be used with a stereo through the aux channel to play music from the laptop/phone.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Built in mic works too as long as its a decent mic and its conveniently placed (clip on or hangs around your neck something)

    Flexibile on money. but less than €50 would be ideal.
  2. Hello friends,

    The Auris Bluetooth Audio Receiver is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, including the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices. As well as solving any potential issues with a smaller Apple dock, the receiver should also benefit any current Apple users wanting to switch to Android for example because they'll still be able to use their music station with their new phone.

    Best regards
    John Franklin
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