Laptop or notebook whats best?

:o Hi,
What is the difference between a Laptop & a Notebook?
It would be for home use our P.C. is from 2003 and is getting slow!
It has over 4,000 pictures on it, and we will be putting them on a Sandisk.
So for a basic home use computer what is best a Laptop or a Notebook?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Laptop = NoteBook,no difference between them :)
  2. It is not exactly the same, please see the bellowing differences:

    A standard notebook has the following features:
    1. Ultralight. Less weight is better.
    2. 4 - 5 hour battery life.
    3. No internal floppy drive.
    4. Minimal graphics subsystem.

    The standard laptop computer would have some ,if not all, of the following features:
    1. 14" - 17" (widescreen) TFT screen.
    2. Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem.
    3. Internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive
    4. Large full featured keyboard.
    5. 3 hour+ battery life.

    See more differences :
  3. He said Notebook not Netbook :) and Notebook= Laptop
    If the OP said Netbook then you were right :)
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