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Modify USB car charger to work with Motorola phone?

I bought two sets of USB to micro-B cables and USB car chargers from for use with an LG Lotus and a Motorola Q9 (e or c). They work great with the Lotus. The cable works fine with the Motorola Q9 when connected to my computer. But when I try to plug it into the car charger, it does not charge. Is there a way to modify the USB car charger so that it will work with the Motorola phone?

Here's a link to the car charger:
And also the USB cable:
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    Motorola puts a chip in their chargers to ensure you don't buy no-name brands, the computer lets it know it's a PC so if you have the moto-tools installed it will charge, however dumb chargers tend not to work. They even put an orange band around their chargers heads so if you have a bunch of chargers you won't confuse the ones that work with the ones that wont.
    This is a pain for the new portable back-up batteries as they don't like to work with Motos (I found one of the few in an APC UPS10 which will work when you press the button), you could feed the charger through that, but that's an added expense you probably don't want.
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