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I've just been told of a strange problem with a KVM switch. Apparently when switching between its two win2k server boxes it doesn't display. I'm told the monitor simply flickers like its trying to display a resolution it doesn't support. The weird part is once you remove one of the monitor cables it displays fine. This has happened on two kvms now (both the same model i think).

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this would happen?
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  1. What Make/Model is that KVM. I'll be sure not to buy one of those :)
    That just sounds like yet another regular KVM quirk. KVMs are vastly different from eachother and each one will have its own set of quirks.
    I've come across ones that would flicker on any ATI card but not nvidia cards, some that would kill inputs if you didn't let the computer boot all the way before switching, and more. Replacing them with the exact same one changed nothing, it was always just a quirk with that peticular KVM.

    Check the refresh rate settings, I'd stick to 60hz on servers. I also wouldn't go over 1024x768. If you ever need more than that you are probably better off working over a terminal session anyway. 1024x768@60hz can usually be done easily on any KVM so that would cancel out any issues due to insufficient KVM capability.

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