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Hi! I have a Toshiba Satellite 2775XDVD laptop . I have had it since year 2000. I keep it on for long periods of time every day. I have a question: What is best for the screen: To keep it on all the time (with a screen saver) or to allow it to automatically turn off after a certain time of inactivity?

I mean, let's say I use the computer in an interrupted manner throughout the day, so let's say that on an average day the screen would go off automatically 10 to 20 times... Would going on and off shorten its life in any way? Is is better to just keep it on all the time and run a screen saver? Or would it be better to make it go off during the time (often hours) that I'm not using the computer?

That is my main question.

However, I'm also just curious to know one more thing: Is it important to have a screen saver on a laptop screen? I know that with regular screens (for a desktop... not a LCD), running the screen without a screen saver for long times without anything changing on the display, is bad for the screen. Is that also true for a laptop screen?

I would appreciate any feedback.
Thank you!!
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  1. I would just let it turn off by itself. It wont hurt it to stay on all the time like old crts. Dont really have that problem of burn in on the new ones.
  2. New CRTs doesn't have an issue with burn-in either. Screensavers now a days are only for entertainment values. IMO powering the screen on and off frequently is worse than keeping it on continuously.
    farhato81, perhaps you should mail the manufacturer of your screen. It would be interesting to know what they have to say. Feel free to post any info here.

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