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I just reformatted back to Win7 and is it just me or has the extention service stopped working? I searched using the in browser search for adblock plus. No results. I even went to Firefox's extentions site, did a search and got no results. So anyone else having this issue? Can anyone verify?
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  1. That is correct, ad block plus has stopped running in firefox, and ad bock plus has disappeared from the face of the earth.
    Apparently, somebody did not like the fact that we were bypassing commercials.
  2. work thru
  3. Umm ok. I also searched for youtube replay, plus a few others and the extension service still finds nothing. Same with their site.
  4. all my blocking stopped a few days ago
    commercials all play now when watching daily show and Colbert.
    This is crisis level emergency.
  5. Im using 14.01 and ABP is still is working.
  6. Adblock Plus does indeed not show up in the results on curiously, but if you know how to find it, it's still there. Or you can just go to and get the latest right from the source.

    AdBlock Plus is still working for me however. I'm guessing the people who claim it stopped working are visiting sites that have recently taken measures to try and circumvent AdBlock Plus. There is likely some non-sinister and utterly boring reason why it's not showing up in search results however. NoScript is far more of a threat to advertisers than AdBlock Plus anyway. It gets rid of all those analytics scripts and other methods used to scrape a lot of invasive data from your browser.
  7. Addblock plus is working for me both at home and work while using 14.0.1.
  8. Adblock Plus works and the search function is now working again.
  9. Fine here!
  10. This could be closed I guess. Firefox's search service had been offline that day and is still up as I post this.
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