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About a month ago my system blue screened on me, I know that this is seen as incontrovertible proof that the hard drive with windows installed on it is either corrupted or windows itself is corrupted(the more likely answer seeing as I am using a new ssd). My computer continued to run fine until last night my computer ,while being used, failed to see my storage hard drive. I restarted the computer and it refused to post from the bios. I turned off the power supply and waited 5 seconds then turned back on the computer and it worked fine, until this morning when it just rebooted it self twice while it was being used. I just checked and my ssd is determined to be fragmented by 16 % percent according to windows. I have heard that it isn't good to defragment a ssd and that I will probably have to re install windows but I wanted more help before I do anything drastic. Any help would be vastly appreciated.
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  1. Blue Screen can be caused by installing an incompatible driver or an incompatible update.
    Updates can install an incompatible driver automatically.
    Therefore turning off automatic updates on some computers may be advisable.

    There is an alternative method.
    Set the bios to boot CD first.
    Put the win 7 disk in the drive and start the computer
    select: upgrade
    this will restore the OS without erasing the personal files or applications.

    A fragmented drive should not cause this problem.
    But a bad motherboard will.
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