Buying laptop for VidEditing+Photoshop+Gaming. Suggestions, pelase.

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a laptop and use it for video-editing and Photoshop. Also, I play games (Bioshock, Scarface, etc).

I've never bought/used a laptop before and always have used a desktop PC.

I was thinking of getting rid of my PC and just buying a laptop (use it as a CPU at home, connect it to an LCD, keyboard+mouse) so that if I have to edit on the move, I can still use it.

Do you have suggestions on what to buy?

Things to know
- I don't want to use Vista. Some of the programs don't work yet. So WinXP OS.
- I use Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects for editing
- I use Adobe Photoshop CS2
- If ever, I don't want to buy Quad core just yet. Want the prices to go down first. So DuoCore suggestions would be great. :)

Thank you! I'd really appreciate your help.
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  1. Well, I don't know your budget, or the size of the laptop you want. Since you're looking for a laptop that will at least do /some/ power gaming, I'd like to suggest Killer Notebooks. That's where I got my laptop from, and it's pretty kickass. There's a few reviews of his stuff online, here's the links:

    Executioner SR (17"):

    Assassin (20", you might not want it):
  2. You could get a Dell XPS but they're overpriced in my opinion, same with other companies. It might not be a beast, but another option is Dell's Inspiron/Vostro with a's the best deal I've seen on Dell's site.
  3. try checking out qosmio G45-AV680. you can check the specs at hope this helps.
  4. First, I don't think they don't make quad cores for laptops just yet. I know Intel is making one that will be out later this year... but with a massive proce tag. I don't know about AMD... but I do know their quad core itself doesn't work right.

    If you want to go lap top, I don't think you really have too much choice expect to go to Vista. The key reason, you want massive harddrives and huge ram. All the older systems would not support more than 2Gb... the new ones will accomodate 4Gb... though some I have seem use 64bit OS to do that.

    What you really want is the fastest processor you can afford, with the largest harddrive (250 Gb would be okay) and the option ideally of at least 3Gb of RAM. It the OS is 32 bit can't really use much more than 3 anyways, so stick with three. You can find a system with less RAM that's no big deal if you can upgrade it. Just look at the specs from the manufacturer and see what the max capability is.

    Anything with those kinds of specs will have all the other things you want to worry about. Since you are using CS2 you should be okay. I have an HP6235 and it can handle CS3 (Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop Etc)... though I am looking into uping the HD and seeing if I can go past 2Gb of RAM. On this system I don't think I can... but will find out soon enough.
  5. They don't have a mobile quad core /yet/, but you CAN get a quad core in a laptop :D
  6. The have one, it just isn't for available sale to us yet. :kaola:

    BTW, badbigs don't dig up 6 month old threads to post Toshiba links. :heink:
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