Opinions NEEDED: 2x 80GB SATA HDD's in Raid 0

Anyone know what's the best pair of 7200rpm 80GB SATA drives I should get for a Raid 0 setup? Hitachi? Maxtor?

Please leave your opinions! Thanks!
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  1. I dont think its necessary to consider RAID when choosing drives. Choose the drives as you would for any stand-alone drive. Get the best you can afford and then put them in a RAID 0 setup.

    <i><b>Engineering is the fine art of making what you want from things you can get</b></i>
  2. Alright thanks. So what would be the best 80GB SATA drive's you can get?
  3. Yeah but those benchmarks are telling me all sorts of drives in different capacities with different size platters..

    What would you think about 2x 80GB Hitachi 8MB cache 7K250's?
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