ok spilt a lot of coke on laptop keyboard,,, atleast half a cup. keyboard is part of laptop therefore coke poured right through it and into the inside of the laptop. i am scared to open it and clean it and i dont want to take it to dell to get it checked as it will cost me 350 bux (laptop is an inspiron).

lucky i switched off the laptop and took the battery out the moment i spilt the drink to prevent short circitry. but im scared if i switch it on the sugars in coke will stuff it up.

please any suggestions?
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  1. Take it apart the best you can and wipe it down, use alcohol.
  2. Whatever you do, don't switch it on without tearing it down and cleaning it out. Make sure you clean all your contact points and carefully reseat every component before reassembly. If you turned it off before anything fried, you should be OK.

    Check on the Dell support site for instructions on tearing it down all the way to the motherboard. Make sure you completely remove the palm rest assembly for best visibility. Good Luck :)
  3. It is very difficult to clean sugar from a laptop motherboard. There are electronic cleaners available from your local electronic store. The keyboard will need to be replace as this is almost impossible to clean. Every inch of the laptop must be cleaned of the coke, as it will cause extreme havoc with your system if you don't.

    Good luck
  4. thanks for your input guys. i used methylated spirits, which i guess is alcohol (no sugars in it). i cleaned the bits where i could see dried up coke, so that should be about 90% of it (to the point where i could no see any visible coke).
    turned it on and everything seems to be going well :D yippy!

    ill be going to get it cleaned properly overseas (going for holidays so thought i might take this opportunity) where the labour is much much cheaper (cousins will know what to do!).

    thanks again.
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