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My insurance company has written off my old HP Pavillion ZD7000 as being beyond economical repair and have told me that they are sending me a Toshiba Satellite Pro P200-14W as a replacment.

The new laptop has an Intel T7300 CPU and as it runs at 2.0GHz it doesn't sound too quick (although I am sure it will be a lot quicker than the P4 3.4GHz in my old HP). What I was wondering is, can the CPU in this laptop be upgraded?

From what I know of the old HP Pavillion series that I had, it was possible to change the CPU, so I was hoping that it would be possible on the new Tosh to at some point replace the T7300 with something quicker like a T7700.
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  1. Yes, you can upgrade it. They actually make the Extreme versions of the T series if you really want a speed boost. Not really worth the money though. Depending on what you want to do, the T7300 shouldn't be that bad. I have the older T7200 (same clock speed) and it handles web surfing, movie playing, and hardcore gaming well (COD2 Multiplayer and BF2142). But anyway, yes you should be able to upgrade to the T7700.
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