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Iassdo.dll.mui problem

I was recently setting up my new computer, when i got weird bsod and appcrash. I then ran SFC and got a corrupted file. I then decided to format my C drive and reinstall windows, only to find that the same file was still corrupted. It was the first thing i did on the fresh install, wasn't connected to internet and i was on a formated drive. The corrupted file was iassdo.dll.mui

This led me to think my cd was corrupted. I went in the log, found the file that was corrupted and extracted it from my friends cd. The corrupted one was 5kb and the not corrupted was 46kb. (This was in syswow64/en-us). I then went and change the on in winsxs, but i saw that those 2 iassdo.dll.mui were linked, because when i first checked, both were 5kb but when i changed the one in syswow64, the one in winsxs updated itself to the on in syswow64.

Ran SFC once more, only to find that now, iassdo.dll.mui wasn't corrupted anymore, but Pretty_Peacock.JPEG was. Pretty_Peacock is in programfiles/commonfiles.... This wasnt corrupted before iassdo.dll.mui change was made. I then proceded to change Pretty_Peacock for the one on the DVD, only to find out, after a reboot, that SFC was back giving me the iassdo.dll.mui corruption.

I am led to think that smthing is wrong with my hdd, but im completly clueless how a .dll.mui is linked to a .JPEG.

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  1. 1) Ran memtest no error on both slots,
    2)I have i5-3570k on p8z77-v lk, 520w Seasonic psu, gtx 460, mushkin 2x4gb blackline ram
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    When you get corrupted files from install, it can be hard to fix.

    I advise getting a clean disk and reinstall everything because the problem might not be fixable.
  3. Well im not going to pay 150$ because of a corrupted jpeg... and i ran chkdsk
    Edit: microsoft live chat operator just told closed the chat and said he didnt know...
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