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Samsung 352b DVD/CD-RW Combo problem

Last response: in Storage
January 16, 2004 5:17:22 PM

I was burning a CD and suddenly, burning it at 32x, it took 5 minutes for the CD to finish. I then tried 5 other CD's and used the 52x speed but the result were the same. I am using Nero 6 Ultra edition and then after going crazy for a while, I used the test program on it and I found out that after starting off at 24x or so, it suddenly drops to 16x and stays at that constant 16x through the entire process burn. I do no know what is going on with my CD burner and it is able to transfers data just fine going about 40x and higher. THe speeds for my CD-burner are 52x24x52 and 16x for the DVD rom. If anyone knows how to make my CD writer burn a cd at a faster setting than 16x, please tell me. DO i have some setting on the CD rom drive that capped my burning speed? please help
January 16, 2004 8:35:30 PM

From what I have read about this drive at and The drive has a new error correction built into it that will cause what you described. If the drive feels that the media you are using is potentially will slow down. The reviews also said that the drive is great at reading commercially pressed CD's at 52X but will only read CD-R at 40X. Lots of questions about this drive. I have the earlier version SM-348B that does not have the error correction and all is the reviews...they will help you understand.