MSI notebook, good or bad?

Hi, i've been wanting to get a laptop for a while, however my funds are limited as i'm a student, i want to get the best out of what i got though and that's why i searched around for laptops in my price range, however hard i looked non was more suited then this model from MSI the EX-600
It's cheaper then everything i looked at around where i live, it's spec's are ways better then anything in the price range.

now for the bad part, i couldnt find one thorough review of the product, nothing at all, and from what i hear about msi's laptops it's either the best non famous brand around or the best way to throw money down the toilet....

so what do you think?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. comeon, someone must know something about this laptop
  2. keeping lookin, there are many affordable laptops around

    check out

    they list laptops that are in an affordable price range
  3. It must be a very new model. I can't find any reviews on it. The specs don't seem too bad, as long as you can find one that's to your liking.
  4. If you want to use for gaming,while your budget is limited you may find MSI EX460. It is powerful notebook for gaming and working, I can guarantee you will satisfy. Appearance is so nice and light weight screen very contrast and has a wide view because the ratio is 16:9. Perfect note book you may buy it.
  5. From what i know their pretty good laptops :

    1) good components (Asus laptop like )
    2) good grantee
    3) good costumer support

    I hate most laptops providers (Dell, gateway, toshiba) always problems with their cheap crap

    Id buy an MSI or Asus laptop anytime
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