Photos of a DELL Notebook on Fire !!

Hello Everybody,

Just received some spectacular photos of a DELL notebook on fire (dated 03-Sep-2007).
Maybe you have seen them.......

But.... still.... amazing to see.....

Click to see.

*Origin of photos is unknown.

Enjoy !! :kaola:
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  1. Hmmm, another round of faulty Sony batteries? Or did this person just forget to send his battery in for the recall? Makes me wonder.
  2. Nah, I think someone tried to play UT3 on their GMA X3000 equipped DULL. :lol:
  3. Why would that not surprise me?
  4. That looks like a fairly old dell. 2003-2004ish?

    EDIT: ya, it's a 2004 era Latitude D600. Right in the time of all the exploding lithium ions. You'd think they'd have taken advantage of the recall. Guess this company didn't get that memo?
  5. Carl97, you don't have to mention your XPS in every single thread on TomsForums. Nobody is going to give you an award, you're just approaching the point where you're just considered a spammer.
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