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I got my hands on my girlfriend's old Pavillion ZE4400 AMD notebook. It is in great shape but has a power issue I am trying to fix. If I power it up it will stay on for anywhere between 10 and 200 seconds, after this it just powers off. I have tried swapping the RAM out and tried each slot alone but that doesn't help. I have also tried to run it from just the AC adapter alone and off of the battery alone and this didn't help either. One other bit of history on this system ... this issue occurred before and was "repaired" at CompUSA who replaced the motherboard. They claimed this fixed the isse but it cropped up as soon as the system was brought home and they refused to warranty their repair. (how nice) Any ideas or help on this would be fantastic! Thanks everyone for your help!

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  1. Get a new motherboard, the one you have has power circuitry issues. You should be able to get one for apprx 100-140.00 via ebay or other online auction sites. This is a common problem with this brand and others. Heat, bad solder joints, flexing of the machine all combine to cause the motherboards to take an early demise.
  2. Late reply, probably have your problem solved... but... the ZD4400 series does have power jack issues, however, another problem could be bad memory.
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