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how can i erase all the stuff off my laptop my friend wants it back asap
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  1. Best way would be to use a program like Killdisk and do a complete wipe of it and reload.

    If you dont want to go to that extreme - create a new user account reboot and login as that. Then delete your userfolder and all files under Windows\Temp and use a program like Killdisk to wipe the empty space.
  2. Unless he's in "black ops" or you have the 190 mpg carburator design on there :) .....

    Format it then use restore CD to put it back to factory condition.
  3. Get a command prompt by going to Start menu -> Search -> Type "cmd" -> then click cmd under the "programs" heading.

    Now type (exactly as it appears): "Good evening friend's computer! It's finally time to give you back! Please delete all the porn I downloaded and make sure I didn't give you any viruses."

    You might get an unrecognized command error. If so, you're on your own and will have to remember where you stored all that porn and delete it manually.
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