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I have recently bought myself a laptop of the brand/modell Acer Aspire 5613ZWLMi, which I did not meant to get for games at all. Now on the other hand I would like to catch up with some Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero anyway, but when I play on my laptop it tends to lag a little.

Here you have a link to the laptop. The only differense is that I have 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB as in the link.,39050488,40578820p-0,00.htm

I have Windows Vista in my laptop, does the operatingsystem slow my game down? I've heard roumours about that, that Vista uses a lot of your computers power, and mostly a lot of memory.

Is there some way yo boost my laptop in some way? Clock the integrated GFX? Switch to Windows XP/2K or even Linux? Any other ways?
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  1. Doubt there is much you can do. XP might help but it's not really set up for gaming
  2. You can't expect much from a laptop using Integrated graphics ( Intel GMA 950). You need a dedicated graphics card. It would run games well with an 8600M GT or 8700M GT. Dunno if you can add one and disable the onboard graphics...check the MFG site.

    2GB Ram should be fine, even with Vista.
  3. Hey, thanks for the answers!

    I doubt myself that there is much I can do when it comes to boost this computer in performance. What I did was that I istalled a new GFX-driver, and that made the game go a little bit more stable. Now I can play on servers with 32 players, and the lag is almost not noticeable. When a lot of stuff happens on the samt time, like a buch of people fire their weapons, a few throws granades and some someboms it do lag a little, and sometimes freez up for a second or so.

    g-paw I might give Windows XP a try, but I am not very sure this will help either. It might make the game go a little bit more smoothly. That's what I hope anyway.

    If i re-install my laptop with XP i will post here and hand out some results. :)

    ibleet: I was looking at a laptop with the GeForce 8600M GT GFX-card. I knew that laptop would run this game just fine, but I am not really in any need of a gaming-laptop. I will buy a new HTPC that will sure to handle a game like Bioshock just fine, in a few months, so this laptop was just a case of "being able to go portable". :)

    Oh, whats the MFG site
  4. I think he means the manufacturer's site, but I'm not sure.
  5. Ya the manufacturer's site. I also doubt your video is upgradeable.

    Ya overall you have a decent laptop for your needs. Good luck with it and have fun.
  6. To keep you guys updated, if you are curious this is what I have been doing to get a better flow in my game. :)

    - New GFX-drivers
    - High FPS-script for Counter-Strike
    - New low-res models for Counter-Strike
    - Visual effects in Vista set to best performance

    This setup makes the game run without any lag at all. I am also still concidering switching to Windows XP, as some of my programs wont run in Vista, and I think that I will get an overall better performance in XP. :)
  7. If you try XP, let us know if you see a difference
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