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Hi, Guys:

I just bought a Belkin USB 2.0 External Drive Enclosure Kit($69.00). I set it up yesterday. It works fine, but a little bit noisy. I wonder if all the external harddrive sounds like this? Please let me know if you know some other simliar products working better than this one. Thank you for your suggestions.
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  1. I also have the Belkin and I believe the noise you refer to is the cooling fan.
    To me the noise is minimal but that is a personal observation. I have a IBM 60GXP
    installed in it and I can still here it so the fan isn't much of a problem. I did
    a lot of research before buying the Belkin and didn't see a better choice.

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  2. Thank you, OldBear. Like you said, it is normal fan noise. I also think it is good deal with a life time warranty. Thanks again.
  3. i'm in the market for an external hard drive enclosure, and i'm wondering why you went with the belkin?
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