Win7 One PC Two users at once on one screen

Is there a way to have both user accounts active, sharing one screen?
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  1. Windows 7 does not support concurrent users (a licensing limitation).
  2. In Windows (and on other multi-user OSes) the desktop is tied to the user account, and profile, which are storen on per-user basis.

    Why you would want to do that?
  3. I help a friend (the other User Account) monitoring and returning calls using his websites and do my own work (needing access to my bookmarked websites and files) at the same time. Right now I have to go back and forth between User Accounts. I suppose it might be easier to merge the accounts.

    Thank you for responding.

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    You can use different browsers for that - your friend can use e.g. IE, and you can use e.g. FireFox. Each of these browsers maintains its own set of bookmarks, cookies etc.

    As for file access - put the files you need to access on a folder shared between the two users accounts, not in your own "My Documents" or "Desktop".
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