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Currently I tether my HTC Touch Pro to our PC as a modem. My service provider is Verizon, although my service plan is grandfathered as Alltel. I am considering trading up to the HTC Incredible (still maintaing the Alltel plan). VZW customer service says that I currently receive 5gb of bandwidth. If I trade up to the HTC Incredible, VZW will only provide 3gb of bandwidth. For email, surfing the web, watching YouTube, will 3gb be enough? I welcome your feedback.


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  2. Well, I guess the question is how often do you do use the internet for the above-mentioned tasks? Everyday? Every other day? I'd take a look back at your previous bills and see how much data you were using. If you are under 3GB, you should be good to go; if not, you may want to upgrade to a higher tier or stick with your current set up.
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