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Need More Support For Other Providers? Check Here!

If your question cannot be answered here on Tom’s, the following is a list of the most prominent network provider's support sites (US, UK, Australia, and Canada). If you think we forgot any providers, PM a moderator and we'll add it.

United States:
-AT&T Mobility (GSM):
-Verizon (CDMA):
-Sprint/Nextel (CDMA):
-US Cellular (CDMA):
-TMobile (GSM):
-CellularOne (CDMA-GSM):
-Cricket/Leap (CDMA):
-Tracfone (CDMA-GSM):
-MetroPCS (CDMA):

United Kingdom:

-Bell Mobility (CDMA):
-Fido (GSM):
-Rogers (GSM):
-Telus (CDMA):

-Vodafone Australia:
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