Which one to choose?

I am thinking of buying a new cellphone since my old one died and I begin to feel it is unpractical to carry 2 gadgets at a time (my old cellphone and my iPod touch), beside I am thinking of giving my iPod touch to my sister.
I have always use Nokia (have tried other brands but they get broken more easyly)..and I have taken 2 types into consideration :
N97 mini and X6 16GB.
This morning as I went to work, on the way I saw N97 mini and X6 16GB on the display of a local store near home and they have in coincidence about the same price.

Which one would you choose, if you were I? X6 16GB or N97 mini? If they have the same price (€300)?
Please be a little detailed for your reasons.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. This is really confusing...
    QWERTY or Virtual ( I hate virtual)...here N97 wins...this is important +2 points for N97 mini
    Capacitive touch screen, I like...here X6 wins...+1 point for X6 16GB
    Bundled headphone and comes with music....+1 for X6
    They are equal! 2 : 2...
    The other specs seem to be similar
    I need opinions people..please
  2. OK...no answer after quite along time... I change my request...
    Forget about the reasons...just
    Vote please!
  3. Sorry i didn't see this thread,i would have replied sooner if i have noticed it.
    Well the main differences as you said are Keyboard and the display.
    It really depends on you,if you want a keyboard then N97 mini is a better choice,but if you can live without a keyboard,then go for the X6,it has a capacitive display so you can work more easily
  4. Thanks for your answer Maziar. You are the only one who has replied.

    Hmmm.... I think I'll take the coin toss...
    hmmm...so...I take X6...hehehe...no explanation on this decision...due to coin toss result only... :D

    I wish N97 had also capacitive screen...or X6 had a physical keyboard...then it would be a lot easier... I need both capacitive touch screen and physical keyboard and it has to be Nokia.
  5. You'll get used to the on-screen keyboard of X6 because IMO typing on a capactive screen is easier
  6. I bought X6 16GB yesterday.
    The sound quality is good, equalizer is good, and the bundled headphone is really nice. X6 has better interface than 5800, I muss say.
    Capacitive touch screen is really comfortable.
    GPs not tested yet.

    It is also correct...I have to get use to type using virtual keyboard...I get over it somehow...but I have to admit...it is not as bad as I thought it would be..

    I like my X6 :D
  7. Congrats,hope you enjoy it :)
  8. Hmmm...I have bought my self another phone about 3 weeks ago.
    I is a HTC Desire and my X6 has been sitting inside my drawer since then (I am thinking of selling my X6 but not yet decided because the music playing ability and free GPS map from Nokia are still strong plus points of my X6).
    Symbian (and win mobile for other smart phones) is somehow less attractive compared to Android.

    I have read somewhere that Nokia is facing troubles at the moments (in search for new CEO, 42% stock value degradation, etc.), I think Symbian as the main OS for Nokia's smartphones has something to do with that.

    I hope Nokia can handle this ASAP because Nokia is still my favorite brand.
    I am now worried with Nokia's N8 since it will still be with Symbian and I am worried also with Meego, perhaps Meego will come to market a little too late next year.
    Let hope that Nokia doesn't follow Siemens foot steps.
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