Laptop stops typing after a few letters

My son has a laptop - Fujitsu Amilo L7310GW (XP home), all of a sudden the keyboard and touch pad have started playing up.

The keyboard just stops typing after 6-12 letters, doesn't seem to matter if its word processing, notepad or browsing. If you close the application and re-open it you can type again but still just a few letters.

Also, if you have two or more windows open, it randomly minimizes windows by itself.

Is this likely to be a new keyboard\touch pad that is needed?
or maybe a USB keyboard and mouse would get it going, if so, is it possible to disable the laptop keyboard and touch pad?

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks
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  1. That's odd...if you have a spare keyboard handy, try plugging it in and seeing if it works. If it does, something's wrong with your laptop keyboard. If it doesn't, then it might be a software issue.
  2. I would take it apart and check that the keyboard fitting is secure in the motherboard. Once inside there, get some compressed air and give it a good cleaning. Once secured, check it again. If still not working, hook up a USB keyboard until you get a replacement keyboard (cheap on ebay). You don't need to deactivate the laptop keyboard to use a USB one.

    Ever spill any liquids onto the keyboard? Soda or beer can be especially damaging even when cleaned up and dried out.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies folks.

    I think a may have found the problem.

    The power supply that was given with the laptop was 20v, the laptop itself is 19v, i have started using a 19v supply and everything seems fine - could it have been 1v too much?
    i'm not sure if 1v would make any difference, perhaps someone could confirm
  4. Symptoms of mismatched power supplies include mis-charging batteries, battery not charging at all or beyond a certain point, power bricks overheating, inaccurate battery meters or charging indicators, unexpected shutdowns, reboots and more. I highly doubt that the only symptom you would notice is the keyboard, although it is certainly possible.
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