Does windows 7 have less problems then vista

I have vista on my computer and I have i yogi to take care if the problems that seem to constantly appear and slow me down or freeze me up. I have MacAfee for viris problems. the i yogi tech keeps telling me to upgrade to 7 but is t really worth it. he says I wouldn't have any problems but I bought a computer for my granddaughter and norten for her and hers is always freezing up. is windows really going to help me?
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  1. Very little wrong with Vista once all the updates are loaded, but would recommend adding as much RAM as you can as it uses more than 7. If you are experiencing significant slow down or freezes, a fresh install is always effective, but in the meantime you could try Clean Startup to isolate the problem.
    If your Granddaughter's PC is stil within Warranty period get it checked out, it shouldn't freeze!
  2. thanks for both replies. my grandaughters computer is brand new so I will do that and I appreciate all the help
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