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i have a new hard disk i have to format but im wondering which cluster size i should use. the default is 4K size but i think is too low for the file system (windows 98 use 32k cluster size) for large capacity hard disks. i think maybe 16K is a better choice. my older system contains more than 100.000 files and a average file size around 100K. i have found also there are almost 50.000 files with a under 10K file size. what do you think about?
thanks to reply my post. i really need some help.
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  1. stick with 4K. things like file compression and roxio's goback will not work otherwise. don't know if you will use these, but i'm sure other app's will app's of this type will have problems. a formula for you to consider is
    (cluster size)/2 * (number of files)= space lost

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