Does windows 7 have less problems then vista

I have vista on my computer and I have i yogi to take care if the problems that seem to constantly appear and slow me down or freeze me up. I have MacAfee for viris problems. the i yogi tech keeps telling me to upgrade to 7 but is t really worth it. he says I wouldn't have any problems but I bought a computer for my granddaughter and norten for her and hers is always freezing up. is windows really going to help me?
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  1. It would depend on what kind of issues you are having. However, Windows 7 is really just a minor update to Vista. At the core, the two are fundamentally the same OS. Microsoft's internal versioning has Vista as Windows NT 6.0 and Windows 7 is Windows NT 6.1.

    I am unfamiliar with this i yogi service, but it sounds like they're just trying to sell you an upgrade you may not even need.
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