Huge TMP Files in Windows\Temp

Hey community,
I think its a serious problem, but something is writing huge files into my Windows\Temp folder.
TMP0000000789F2D108048D0CAD is an example of a filename. Its roughly around 4 gigs. The problem is causing my netbook to be very slow and I suppose it harms the HD as well.
It writes until space free is very little. Goes away after a long time and does cleanup again. But is very annoying.
Anyone know of its solution?
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  1. AutoCAD?
  2. LOL No.
    I haven't even installed that.
  3. An photo/video editing software?
  4. It could be windows shadow copy service, disable it to see if that's the fix. Also disabling sleep mode and/or hibernate can help.
  5. use process monitor and it should be able to help you find what is using that file
  6. @Pyree I'm positive such programs are not causing this.

    @thor220 I'll look into that, thank you.

    @raytseng I have been using that, may I ask how to check which process has written most?
  7. press f1 and read the help file.

    But easiest way. Just find one event record in the list that is working on what you want to analyze.
    Then right-click and choose include path for it to filter on that path.

    Then it should filter and show you everything that is working on the path (the file).

    You can also setup the filters manually, but finding and making the filters from existing event records is easier
    Here is the screenshot..
    Has MsMpEng.exe written 7 gigabytes of garbage?
    I think that process belongs to Microsoft Security Essentials
  9. why don't you just use Process monitor. then you'll know.
  10. Wow that's windows defender! Disable it and see if the problem goes away. Try avg in the mean time if you need.
  11. @raytseng that screenshot was from Process Monitor.
    Edit: My bad, what I'm using is Process Explorer :P will do that

    Yep, I guess it, I disabled Windows Defender but I suppose MSE utilizes modules from it causing it to act that way.
    I moved to MSE expecting that it wasn't a resource hog, but I suppose I have to move-on if I don't find any solution here soon :/
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