My mouse scrolls by itself

my mouse is not an optical mouse but still my mouse scrolls by itself.... Ihave found that this happens in both windows 7 and to solve this ?
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  1. sounds like something's gone wrong with the mouse itself. best bet is to just buy a cheap replacement.
  2. I have observed VERY weird behavior out of optical mice when something was stuck on the underside of it. Also, I've observed this behavior while sitting perfectly flat on a reflective surface.
  3. OP says it is not an optical mouse...
  4. is this a laptop with a pad
  5. mi1ez said:
    OP says it is not an optical mouse...

  6. If it's a laptop it might have one of those little pencil eraser type pointers in the center of the keyboard... I know that many IBMs had this... in fact, I've got an HP tablet PC at my desk right now with one of those. I suppose that could be the source of your moving cursor.
  7. Hold it down, pesky things!!

    I have seen this before, Mouse gone walkies, time to get a new one!
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