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Hello, my laptop isn't even a year old and it started freezing and making weird noise. at first it didn't happen much and only happened when i was watching movies now it happens on everything i do about 4 times a day. sometimes it goes back to normal but then other times i have to press the power button and turn it off. i checked the fan and the fan seems to be fine. and i don't have a virus i scan the computer once a week. any idea what it might be. i want to know if i need to take it to a computer shop or not. thank you
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  1. Weird noise probably comes from a rotating part of which there are three, the fan which you think is ok, DVD drive which might be running during movies, and your HDD.
    1st download MSI Afterburner
    Monitor your Temps to make sure the fan IS working properly.
    2nd download Seatools and run a few tests to check out your HDD.
    3rd whether you find anything or not consider returnng your machine to your vendor while it's still within Warranty as it should not behave like that! Hopefully you'll be able to return it with a specific failure if the above find anything. Your DVD drive prbably ok. Back up data before returning as you might lose it depending on what they find...
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