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How to recover partitions formatted by Win7 installation


I'm in need of a software ( free/trial/or paid) to recover my important datas that is collected since 10 years!!

Its what happened

It happened to a laptop with win 7 installed.
It had 4 partitions. One boy copied datas from c: drive to d: drives.
Now the datas were in d: e: f: drives.
Now the boy installed win 7 formatting the c: drive only. witnesses say the installation showed individual drives.
I was not present that time.
After installation win 7 shows only one drive - OS C: with the whole drive as one partition with win 7 installed in it.
Now how can I restore the datas ?????
There was about 130 gb data in d: e: f: drives....

Even a bit of help can be helpful ..... Please help me
I can't get my whole 10 years data even visiting universities where i got the data from.....

Thank You very much!!!
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  1. how important is it.

    If it is very important, don't touch it, and send it off for professional data recovery service. (I don't have any specific recommendations)
  2. just restore your data from your backup you have

    you are a smart cookie and have a backup, right?
  3. 10 years worth of unbacked up data - ouchies. I don't want to sound like captain hindsight but after fans, hard disks are the next most likely to fail device.

    If this data is priceless then I recommend sending it to professional data recovery firm. It simply isn't worth the risk in inexperienced hands.

    Before you do that though you could check the disk manager utility to see if missing partitions are simply not assigned a drive letter.
  4. Thank you all raytseng - apache_lives - noise for your valuable advices ..
  5. It would be very difficult. I guess more than half of what you had will at least be over written or partially overwritten because of the installation. Sorry that this happen and good luck with the recovery.
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    I too would go for the professional recovery, but if that is simply not an option, I copied this from another thread, just have to hope your installation missed the data partitions and qualify as 'unwritten to'.
    Recover formatted drive info.
    If you didn't write to the drive after formatting, try one of the MBR recovery tools on Hiren's Boot CD 15.1

    There is a list of the MBR repair tools, like Mbrfix 1.3 on the disk, listed here: You can boot from the CD that is made from the Hiren iso image and then try the MBR repair.

    Another option is to attach the drive to another computer and then use a file recovery programme like Recuva, which is free
  7. My also first opinion is for professional recovery.... but you can also go for "Partition Recovery" Tools..

    I hope your problem get solved soon...
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