Gaming Laptop ~ $1500

Hey guys, Im gonna buy a new laptop for college in the next month or so and I need some advice.

First off, here are the specs that I really don't wanna go under:

I want the laptop to be 15.6 or 16 inch since Im gonna be moving around a lot.

The core to be Intel i7.

A good graphics card, preferably Nvidia because of Physx.

Plays games on medium or much preferably high settings (especially Crysis).

and about $1500, preferably not more.

And some questions I would to ask:

Since gonna be receiving the money to buy next month, is there anything worthwhile or new coming out to wait for?

Is it feasible to build my own laptop?

How much better is the Intel i7 compared to the Core 2 Duo? and is the Core 2 Duo 2.53 better than 1.6 i7?
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    Please choose everything you like.
    Core2duo will be miles cheaper, and from what i've seen, theyre pretty good for most things!
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