I have xp and vista in my computer. now i want to install win 7 with other two o

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  1. i have xp and vista in my computer. now i want to install win 7 with other two oprating system. means i want to run all three oprating system xp, vista and 7 is it possible. i have three partiton.............
    pls give me full detail about it because i failed to install win 7 so pls provide me full details...............
  2. It is possible. I assume you are already dual booting with XP on one partition and Vista on the second, while the 3rd is empty waiting for W7 to be installed.

    1) Go to BIOS and set to boot from CD-ROM
    2) Put Windows 7 disc and boot from it
    3) When screen says press a key to boot from CD-ROM press a key
    4) When the installation process asks you where to install W7 point it to the 3rd (empty) partition.
    5) Follow the instructions and nothing else to do until let it finish.

    Windows 7 will automatically detect the other 2 operating systems and will create a multiboot screen whenever you switch your computer on, that asks you which OS you want to boot into.

    I also suggest you use EasyBCD after you boot into W7 to customize your boot menu even further if you want to.
  3. You may need 2 HDDs; some HDDs will not boot from more than two partitions. If you already have two HDDs create a primary partiton on one of them for Win7, then install Win7 to that partition. Win7 will install its bootloader to let you select which OS you want after POST.

    If you need free x86 and x64 compatible partitioning software, try this - it works for me.
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