Start-up Recovery fail! What to do?

I've build a PC for a friend, but they managed to get it broken within a month. They probably shut down the PC during a boot, which damaged some startup files. If I start up the PC now, it goes to Windows Start-up Recovery, but instantly fails there. This happens all the time, so I just can't boot it.

I brought the PC to my home, so I could look into the Hard-drive with my own PC. Haven't done it yet, but what can I do to fix this? I'll try to save as much files as possible, so if it's nessecary, I can reinstall Windows. But would that be possible, or is the Hard-drive broken? (Hard-drive is an Adata SSD 120GB SATA III)
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    Look in BIOS for a HDD test. It's possibly a HDD failure. If the drive is OK, easiest to hook it up to your PC to retrieve data then clean install Windows. It's also possible to create another partition on the disk and install Windows there to preserve data.
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  3. Thanks for the help! I think I'm just going to hook it up to my PC, retrieve all important data, and reinstall Windows. Thanks for the help!
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