Toshiba Qosmio F40-ST4101 or ASUS F3SA-A1 ?

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  1. The Asus gets my vote...just add a gig more ram and you're set. Just wish the display supported higher resolution (ultra). Overall, its quite a value.
  2. But I think Toshiba has better design :(

    Do you prefer other (~ $1300) ?
  3. I don't buy laptops based solely on design. I look for reliability and performance.

    No, actually I don't have any other preferences in that range. I think that Asus is a good find.
  4. The closest laptop I have found that I really like is this Toshiba.

    It was down to around $1300 last month until the promotion ran out. It is still a good bargain.
  5. It's 17" :(
  6. Yep, my laptop is a 17" and I love it. I can't go back to anything smaller now that I'm spoiled. :sol:
  7. But It's too heavy and large for me :(
  8. i am using a F3 series laptop,and i am having a good run with it compared to my friends laptops with the similar specs. It's so reliable and performance is great.But battery life is around 2.30 hrs to 3.00 hrs. if it may concerns you.
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