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Hey folks,

I have a pentium 4 M, 2.40 Ghz laptop and when i plug in my external usb drive and listen to mp3s for example,after a few min of use the laptop just crashes on me, it freezes and the external drive shuts down. I tried uninstalling some software but nothing works...Has anyone had a problem like this or have anything in mind that could help me out?
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  1. Could try updating the BIOS. If you have a Windows CD, you could try a Windows Repair off the CD. Probably easier than troubleshooting. May be a driver problem or corrupted program. What program are you using to listen?
  2. Im using winamp to listen, i've updated the BIOS aswell, the same thing happens. Somtimes i dont even have to be listening to music for the laptop to frezze on me, at times i just plug the exernal in and it frezzes.
  3. Could try to update the drive's firmware. If that doesn't work I'd try the Windows Repair and if that doesn't work a clean install of Windows. Is it still underwarranty?
  4. Thanks for the advice G-Paw, i updated the BIOS and did a clean install of Windows, the same thing happens. I plug in the external and had a song running, a few seconds into the song the laptop just froze up on me and my and the external shut down...
  5. With a BIOS update and clean install of Windows likely the problem with the program you're using to play the music, the hdd connection, or corrupt music file(s). Have you tried a different music player? E.g., Winamp, free version of Music Monkey, I'm using the paid version and really like it, or any number of other free players. Have you tried playing different songs? Have you tried playing songs on a different computer?
  6. I dont think its the music player, being that somtimes right when i insert the usb cable in the laptop it frezzes on me, whats weird about it is that, i use the same external on my destop pc without a problem. The external drive is in FAT32 and not ntsc, do you think that could be causing the problem?
  7. Might be a power issue to the USB.
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