Dell Inspiron 1200 Laptop wont boot reward if fixed

i have a Dell Inspiron 1200 Laptop that wont boot at all it shows that its chagering sometime this happend after i added some ram nows it 512 mb then latter on i took out the dvd tray trying to put the old on from my laptop so after trying to do that i put the old back and it wont boot now

who every helps me slove my problem i will send them $20 to your paypal if you want to help me email me or aim at cesarri1234
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  1. It sounds as though u added new RAM and tried to reuse another dvd tray. U changed back to the old dvd tray. If that is correct, I have a few suggestions. 1) Reinstall the original RAM and try rebooting. Because if u used the wrong RAM or it is damaged this may cause a boot problem. I am not sure that the dvd tray has anything to do with this unless u damaged the mother board. Hope this helps.
  2. Email sent, still no reply.
  3. do you have aim or msn send it to my email
  4. OK.. First thing is to back up and start with the basics...

    Just what do you mean "it won't boot"

    I'll assume can turn power on and get the the initial black/white (with DELL maybe in blue) boot up screen? There's a white horizontal progress bar which moves left to right as the first step of the boot completes.

    1. Are you failing in this screen? Before? After?
    2. You probably have a diagnostics partition loaded we can get you into. It would run diagnostics on your memory and other components to see if they all look ok or not from the hardware point of view.
    3. What is your Service Tag? It's 5 character alphanumeric. Probably a sticker on the bottom of laptop has Service Tag indicated. what is it?
  5. I offered to help and even asked for more information from OP, but all I got was questions about messenger services, which I don't use.

    If you want help, then be more accommodating.
  6. sry about that i bleet i have windows xp

    lookinaround no i dont get the blue dell screen it just dont boot at all when i plug in my chager it shows charing sometimes the Service Tag is bvf8q61
  7. No problem man, I hope you get it fixed.
  8. so you think you can help me still
  9. If you’re not even getting the initial Dell Logo screen (very first screen. Occurs before the Windows screen) you’re limited in what you can do on your own. Some of those things involve opening up the computer but I won’t advise things down that path.

    So, just try the followingf
    1. Disconnect all external connections to the laptop. That includes the AC power adapter and any external drives, USB connections, etc.
    2. Slide the removable battery out from the side of the laptop. On the side of the battery you should see LED lights (which won’t be lit) and a little “bump” on to their side which is the battery status indicator. Press it down and release. Do all the LED lights turn on? If the battery is fully charged they should all turn.
    3. Put the battery back in. I believer there are 3 device status lights at the top of the keyborad and two more in front and just left of touchpad. Anything lit after reinserting the battery? They should all be out.
    4. Plug the AC cord into the wall socket don’t connect to computer yet. Does a green LED power light appear on the adapter EVERY time it’s plugged in? It should appear whenever the adapter is plugged in.
    5. Now you can connect AC power to the laptop. Any status light turn on, flash or change when you do? If so, what color?
    6. Push the power on button. Same question: Any status light turn on, flash or change when you do? If so, what color? And is there any change or just remains black on the screen?
  10. First the battery i have does not have a battery status indicator and when i l pluged in the ac adapter the charging battery light came on for like 20 sec then turn on like 30 secs ago
  11. 1. You said “battery i have does not have a battery status indicator”. Look at the battery and tell me the make and model of the battery. Prove the make/model you found is valid by Googling it and see that it points to the battery you have in your Inspiron. Tell me the battery make/model
    2. I don’t understand part of your sentence “….the charging battery light came on for like 20 sec then turn on like 30 secs ago”. So the battery light came on for 20 secs and then what?
    3. Did you all try powering on (push Power On button?) Do that step also per my last post. Anything change in the 5 status lights or the screen?
  12. a dell battery module rechargeable ni-mh battery ratibg 9,6v 4500mAh
    type P5413 Capacity

    what i meant was the battery was chagring when the ac plug was in the light comes on and off
  13. 1 - I would put the laptop back to its last working configuration...meaning, remove the new ram and CD drive. Then see what it does.

    2 - Make sure you have power. First and easiest thing to go wrong is the AC adapter. Secondly, check the power jack and make sure its not cracked at the solder point. If it is, it needs repaired / replaced.

    It makes no sense to try to think any farther ahead, so let me know what you find as any more steps involve opening the case.
  14. Nearly all batteries have a status indicator somewhere on them.
  15. still dont work
  16. You expect us to diagnose your laptop problem sight unseen and yet you provide no information. It is bad enough that I don't have it here in front of me, but to make matters worse, you are no help.

    Of course it still doesn't work, we are just trying to diagnose the problem so that you can fix it. You gotta tell us everything you do, and the results. We are not Houdini...we can't just snap our fingers and POOF its fixed...nor can we read your mind.

    If you really want help, then start helping yourself.
  17. 1. You said when AC adapter plugged in, the battery charge light turns on and off.
    · Is it a "flashing" on/off repeating pattern or is it an irregular pattern. If repeating what are the approx. on/off times for the status light (approx. I don’t need a precision time.

    2. Do you plug AC adapter directly into a standard one or two plug wall outlet? If no, remove/don’t use any extension cords, surge protectors. Multi-plug extensions etc. Just plug AC adapter directly into a standard one or two plug wall outlet.

    3. Please repeat this. Not sure I got the answer I wanted last time. Do the following. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall and its other end from computer. Now, ONLY plug the AC adapter into walll outlet. DO NOT CONNECT TO COMPUTER. When plugged in the wall is there an LED turn on steady ON THE AC ADAPTER itself. We don’t care about any status lights on computer. Just the AC Adapter itself.

    4. Finally, unplug adapter from wall and computer. Remove the battery. Wait 60 secs. Plug the AC adapter into wall and computer. Turn on laptop power (yes. We do this while battery is removed). Anything happen? Anything different?
  18. Let me tell you where i'm going with some of these questions...

    Normally, when if the battery status light flashes quickly and in a steady pattern when AC is plugged in, it indicates a problem with your battery (e.g. may be too hot tho doesn't sound like this is your case)

    It's also not unusual for the power connector the laptop (that u plug ur AC adapter into) has soldering or wiring crack/loosen so it only carries the AC power intermiitently as just a little movement causes the connection intermittently breakup. This could be the cause if the flasing you see has changing/random on-off pattern.

    A computer won't boot at all if the battery is at or below freezing point. I didn't ask but assume you aren;t trying to use it under freezing conditions.
  19. maybe its the ac adapter ill ask my friend to use hes
  20. 1) Note that all dell adapters are not intended for use with all dell laptops. That is, they can't all be interchanged. On that note i should ask you: "Are you currently using the original AC adapter that came with the computer or are you using a different one?

    2) You asked for help and so trying to help by asking questions and askig them in a particular order. I just finished asking about the flashing battery status lights and also asked you try a couple tests.

    - You can ignore my requests (but then why ask of help?).

    - You can try your "new adapter" test before anything else. But be aware, it might only yield misleading results because we haven't yet ruled out any underlying problems which could affect the outcome of "try new adapter" test result.
  21. i do have the original AC adapter that comes with the laptop and about the flashing battery status lights it goes off and on what should i do now it works on my friends laptop he has the same my ac works with hes and battery
  22. I know the lights go on and off. You already said that. And i replied with a message 11-27-2007 at 03:17:53 PM where i listed 4 very specific things: two questions (one was about those on/off lights) and two things i asked you to try. You haven't answered any of them yet.

    (You should see a date and time just above each message posted here. So you should be able to find the message with 4 things clearly listed.)
  23. His dc jack sounds busted. I just changed one in an Dell Inspion 1200, and it was doing the same to me. It sounds like your battery isn't getting any kind of a charge. I suggest replacing the "DC Power Jack". If you don't feel comfortable enough to do it your self, please take it to someone who can. The wrong node desaudered, a circuit blown, and Motherboard heat damage are all possibilities. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
  24. i have a question for lookingaround.. i have the same laptop and i have the same problem.. almost.. but mine goes to the blue dell load up screen then it just goes back off? any ideas i been tryin to fix it for litteraly 2 years almost
  25. schsrebels said:
    i have a question for lookingaround.. i have the same laptop and i have the same problem.. almost.. but mine goes to the blue dell load up screen then it just goes back off? any ideas i been tryin to fix it for litteraly 2 years almost

    you do realize this topic is almost 5 years old ?

    you need to start a new thread
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